Spotlight of the Week – Alan Horldt

For those of you who may not know Alan, just know this –

Were it not for Alan Horldt, Revive Church would not exist…

At least in the way you see it each week. Why you may ask?

Because Alan is our “Senior Roadie” (which means he is in charge of our set-up and tear-down crews) and he is the one who makes it all happen every single Sunday.

Alan, with the rest of his team, arrive at 7:00 am each and every week. They work fearlessly making sure everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and that it looks the best it possibly can once it is all set up. To say this is a 2 & 1/2 hour grueling, physical workout would be the understatement of the year!

But this is just the beginning of Alan’s service. Because after everything is set up and ready to go, Alan also makes his way out into the lobby to meet & greet all of our first time guests –  and there’s not a guest who has been to our church who has not met Alan Horldt!

And as if there were not already enough for one morning’s service, he also works his way into the Adult Auditorium to serve as an usher, making sure people are seated with a smile, that they have everything they need in their hands to have the best experience possible, and to also make sure the offering is collected correctly so the mission of Revive can keep moving forward.

After the service is over, Alan then works his way back into the lobby to give our guests one last hand shake and friendly smile just before he returns to the various rooms to start tearing everything down and load it all back up to be ready for the very next week.

Talk about going above and the beyond the call of duty…

Alan – YOU are the MAN!!! You are one of our Partners who not only understand the vision of Revive Church, but you live it every single week.

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for the difference you are making in people’s lives. And thank you for being the man we can count on to see the Gospel advanced all throughout this county.

You are definitely more than “just a volunteer.” You are a connector to the current of the power of Christ…

You are the prime example of what it means to partner with Revive Church. We love you and your entire family more than you will ever know!!!

Make sure to check back next Thursday to see who our next “Spotlight of the Week” will be…


5 responses to “Spotlight of the Week – Alan Horldt

  1. I agree here, Alan is pretty dang cool. He has a lot of work every Sunday and doesn’t get much time to take a breath. I appreciate all he does and the fun attitude he has while doing it.

    So kudos to you Alan.


  2. Yes Christa!

    You are exactly right. Alan just makes everything so much smoother with his great personality and fun approach to life. Thank you ALAN for what you do.

    – Pastor Austin

  3. Alan is awesome! He always gives and gives and never complains. Revive Church is blessed to have him. By the way, I think you left out that he also makes coffee runs to Mickey D’s.

  4. Absolutely, Joy! We are truly blessed to have Alan Horldt and his entire family.

    And anyone who will make a coffee run to make sure the Pastor is nice and wired before he speaks definitely has a special crown waiting on him in Heaven one day…


    – Pastor Austin

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