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Spotlight of the Week – Dori Horldt

Just a few weeks ago, we all met Alan but this week is all about his wonderful wife. Why you may ask? Because the Horldt family goes above and beyond the call of duty every single week.

For those of you who may not know, Dori serves as our Elementary School Team Leader in our KidTropolis Ministry.

So Dori is the one who has all the fun! Every single Sunday she comes in ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen in our children’s area so our kids will have the most incredible experience learning about Jesus as they possibly can. She and her team completely transform the theater they are located into a world where kids can be kids; where their imaginations come alive – singing and dancing and learning about Jesus.

And every single week I am blown away by the smiles on our kid’s faces as they walk out of the room excited about everything they got experience on Sunday morning. In fact, the majority of our kids don’t want to leave and they are ready to stay as long as they can simply because of how much fun they are having learning about Jesus.

Dori is somebody who gets it. She understands how much the world is buying for their attention and how we as the church must do everything within our power to win them to Christ. Dori realizes that our children are not just the church of the future, but rather the church of today. She takes seriously the opportunity we have each week to speak truth into the lives of our kids in a way they will remember forever.

And Dori radically changes the lives in this generation as she and her team serve passionately to see children love Jesus!!!

Thank you Dori for what you do!

Thank you for serving each and every week. Thank you for creating an environment where children can experience the love of Christ in an exciting and relevant way. Thank you for loving our kids enough to do whatever it takes to see them know Jesus. And thank you for embodying this passage of Scripture every single week you serve…

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to these.”  Matthew 19:14    

You are not just a volunteer, you are a connector to the current of the power of Christ! And you are setting an example for all of us to see what God will do when we completely sell out to see Jesus live in the life our kids.


Spotlight of the Week – Jerry Hamrick

 On such a  rainy MONSOONING day as Sunday this past week, how in the world could we not acknowledge our Parking Team Leader – Mr. Jerry Hamrick…

All we can say is WOW – he definitely took our Parking and Greeting Teams to whole new level this week when he took it upon himself to make sure every single one of our guests and their families were escorted to the Movie Theater UNDER THE COVER OF AN UMBRELLA!!!

Not only did this allow our first time guests to stay dry between the car and the theater, but it also made such a huge impression when after Jerry shook their hands, learned their names, and gave them that contagious smile he carries each week that he went RIGHT BACK OUT to go meet the next guest coming right behind them to make sure they also received the same loving treatment in the very same way!!!

And the best part about the whole experience was the smile Jerry carried with him all day long. It was almost as if he ENJOYED walking out in the rain to bring in our new friends. In fact, we KNOW he enjoyed it because is such a great man of God who thrives on showing people the LOVE of Christ. Plus he is just such a BIG KID at heart that he couldn’t help himself but to make the rain a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved… 

Jerry understands that each week may be THE WEEK that someone comes to church for the very first time in quite a long time. And he goes out his way to celebrate the fact that they are there, welcoming them with open arms just as the Father reaches out to his son in famous parable of the rebellious son.

Thank you, Jerry, for what you do. Thank you for embracing the vision of Revive Church and making it your own every single week as we welcome those who may be far from God. This is our opportunity to show them the love and grace and c0mpassion they have been search to find way too long.

And Jerry makes it his personal mission to ensure that everyone experiences the love Christ even before they walk through the door!! Way to go, Jerry!!! What an example you are setting for every one of us…

Spotlight of the Week – Alan Horldt

For those of you who may not know Alan, just know this –

Were it not for Alan Horldt, Revive Church would not exist…

At least in the way you see it each week. Why you may ask?

Because Alan is our “Senior Roadie” (which means he is in charge of our set-up and tear-down crews) and he is the one who makes it all happen every single Sunday.

Alan, with the rest of his team, arrive at 7:00 am each and every week. They work fearlessly making sure everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and that it looks the best it possibly can once it is all set up. To say this is a 2 & 1/2 hour grueling, physical workout would be the understatement of the year!

But this is just the beginning of Alan’s service. Because after everything is set up and ready to go, Alan also makes his way out into the lobby to meet & greet all of our first time guests –  and there’s not a guest who has been to our church who has not met Alan Horldt!

And as if there were not already enough for one morning’s service, he also works his way into the Adult Auditorium to serve as an usher, making sure people are seated with a smile, that they have everything they need in their hands to have the best experience possible, and to also make sure the offering is collected correctly so the mission of Revive can keep moving forward.

After the service is over, Alan then works his way back into the lobby to give our guests one last hand shake and friendly smile just before he returns to the various rooms to start tearing everything down and load it all back up to be ready for the very next week.

Talk about going above and the beyond the call of duty…

Alan – YOU are the MAN!!! You are one of our Partners who not only understand the vision of Revive Church, but you live it every single week.

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for the difference you are making in people’s lives. And thank you for being the man we can count on to see the Gospel advanced all throughout this county.

You are definitely more than “just a volunteer.” You are a connector to the current of the power of Christ…

You are the prime example of what it means to partner with Revive Church. We love you and your entire family more than you will ever know!!!

Make sure to check back next Thursday to see who our next “Spotlight of the Week” will be…